Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ham Face

I always try and have a glazed ham in the fridge.. it is so much nicer than the pre-sliced stuff, so easy to make and lasts forever, andddd its cheap. For the day-to-day ham you can just buy a chunk of gammon at the supermarket.. however if you are going for the whole leg then go to the butcher or we get our Christmas ham from dukeshill, its delish! (
I mean, what is nicer than a thick slice of glazed ham on a fresh white bap with a dollop of mustard. Orrr re-create New Years Day any day of the year with your ham, baked potato, crunchy salad and of course a mound of cumberland sauce.

Gammon with fat
Cider (a can will do)
English Mustard
Demerara sugar


First soak the gammon for 12 hours in water

Get a roasting tin and line with two pieces of tin foil.. enough to completely cover the ham. Then place some sort of rack in the tin, a cooling rack will do... then place the gammon on the rack. Now poor cider into the tin, add a splash of apple juice if you want. Wrap the tin foil loosely around the ham.. it must be loose for the hot air to circulate and cook the ham.

Cook at 160° for 20mins per 500g.. if using a meat thermometer it should reach 75°.

Increase the oven to 230° and place ham on a board and let cool.. until you can handle it without burning your little fingers. Drain the juices from the foil and discard.

Next you need to cut away the skin with a sharp knife, leaving behind a layer of fat. Discard the skin. Score the fat all over in a diamond pattern, so that the glaze penetrates the fat. Now stick a clove into the corners of the diamonds.

Spread a generous layer of mustard over the fat and down the sides of the ham with your hands. Finally press demerara sugar over the mustard layer.

Stick the ham back in the roasting tin and blaze in the oven for about 15-20 mins or until it is golden brown all over, dont worry if it looks a bit burnt in places, it will still taste amazing.

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