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What to eat
The idea that on shoots, models consume nothing but champagne, is a myth being dispelled by new catering company Tart. 
Launched just 18 months ago by food-loving friends Lucy Carr-Ellison and Jemima Jones, Tart and their portable pop-up kitchen, has speedily become on-set favourites to uber photographers including Mert & Marcus and Tim Walker.  "Often, the models and crew on shoots have such varied and specific dietary requests that it's easier to cook fresh food there and then," explains Jones.  So former photographer Car-Ellison who completed a year's cookery course at The Grange, with Jones a former fashion producer and model set about creating delicious and healthy menus (think breakfast stations with smoothies, egg white omelettes and raw bars or lunch of fishcakes and saffron rice, Vietnamese crab rolls and mezze) to feed and water the likes of Lady Gaga, Robbie Williams and Cara Delevingne to ensure these well-oiled machines perform at their peak. 
Tart will soon be expanding to cater for parties and weddings.  "But one day our dream is to open a homely restaurant space, where the menu of the day is the same as the offering for that day's fashion shoot," explains Jemima Jones.  "So you can come and eat the Lancome campaign menu or have the same as the Gucci models are eating for lunch."  With optional champagne. 


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