Tart Diary

Weekend in Havana, Cuba

No supermarkets, but the best farmers market  I have been to. Yes my trousers are the same colour as the meat..

 Cuban vanilla sugar. Very small pressie for Lucy

 Ben nattering away

Severe vertigo problems mixed with a zip wire leap of death- serious need to pee myself!!

Tarts in the Middle East
Dubai, tallest building in the world. Yes we had a cocktail at the top!!
Abu Dhabi, being respectful at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
Market in Muscat

Buying spices and trinkets for Tart

We stayed at The Chedi- highly recommend, comfiest of beds and the food is amazing!
Someone got a surprise at Heathrow airport upon arrival :)
 Birds of Cannwood

A very early morning start to the Salisbury poultry market, to get some feathery friends for Cannwood farm.

 Happy hens

 First Legbar egg laid. 

Tart Breakfasts 

We have been teaming up with some local superstars..

 Delicious homemade Cannwood jams and marmalades  

Mama Muesli original granola    

 Mama Muesli chocolate and cinnamon christmas special   

Portobello road

My favourite stall on Portobello. The mushroom man!
Delicious mix of wild, exotic and fresh cultivated mushrooms. Perfect for cooking on these autumnal eves.
Can't wait to make a wild mushroom spaghetti tonight; with parsley, white wine, garlic, dried chilli, olive oil and some more fine fine wine.
Mushroom stall: Portobello road between Tabott road and Westbourne park road

Love ending up here. The Spice Shop- for all your spicy needs.

TASTE London

our cooking class

Happy Llamas, Northumberland 

Cannwood Farm, Somerset

Tart helping our piggy friends into the woods- happy healthy living!

 First time feeling the sun on their backs.

Very happy piggy!

La Fromagerie

Such a wonderful cheese shop, La Fromagerie, just off Marlybone High Street. Is worth traveling across London for. Especially at weekends to get a slice of their truffled brie!

Bay tree love bugs

you never know what you are going to find in your bay tree


Avignon, South of France

Flavoured Oil

Flavoured oils are incredibly useful, and extremely easy to make. I personally can't stand store-bought, pre-made oils, they lack flavour and the oil is often very poor.

TV Supper

Garlic mushrooms and spinach on toast with homemade mayo


Chop them up and put them in your mash potato, or scrambled eggs.. sprinkle them on your salad, or mix with butter and garlic and make your own flavoured butter... put them in an omelet with loads of cheese, or over your mac n cheese.. yem

Weekend in Mallorca

What more could you want!

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