Sunday, September 11, 2011

Toolbox essential

This is a Skye Gyngell recipe, and something I ALWAYS have in my store cupboard. Skye says "I use this combination of spices a great deal, because their flavours work particularly well together, lending a depth and sensory aroma to purees and slow-cooked dishes".
My two favorites is when added to a beetroot puree.. or used to marinate lamb.

You can keep the roasted spice mix in a sealed container for up to a month, after that the flavour will start to fade. (the image above is the recipe x 5 - dont worry you wont end up with that much!)

1-2 cinnamon sticks
50g coriander seeds
50g cumin seeds
50g fennel seeds
50g mustard seeds
50g fenugreek seeds
5 cardamon pods
2-3 star anise

Place a dry, heavy based frying pan over a low heat.. once a clear smoke starts to rise from the pan add all the spices.. stir frequently.

Be careful not to burn.. once the seeds start to pop they are ready! Remove and grind with a pestle and mortar until a fine powder.

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